Sherica is the CEO/Founder/Owner of the Christian Life & Career Coaching company known as Queen of My Blessed Home, LLC (Veteran Owned) and she has an extensive background in mentoring, providing assistance with federal resume writing, and job interview coaching. 

As a client you will receive personalized advice and guidance to help you add the right KSAs within your resume.  Additionally, one could receive coaching one year prior to exiting the service which will ensure a smooth transition. You will be provided with the necessary resources and tools to ensure that you are able to achieve your goals tailor made to your unique requirements and experience.

Sherica has held 4 Federal Jobs in the healthcare & admin field, 4 Federal Contract Jobs in healthcare & education, 2 State Jobs in healthcare & education, and served honorably as a soldier in the US Army (frequent job changes due to military pcs moves that were related to her husband’s service). 

Hooah! Sherica has successfully obtained employment with the federal government after her tenure ended with the military and throughout her husband’s pcs moves.  She credits her success to having faith, a goal driven mindset, and strong federal resume writing skills which allowed her to transition out of the service smoothly. 

She is passionate about helping service members, veterans, military spouses, and non military affiliated groups of people with federal resume writing to include assisting them with achieving their goals. 

To schedule a free call to discuss your resume needs or requirements, please select a date and time on the calendar.