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Every affiliate link that I post throughout my website, I am truly passionate about it and I have purchased items from these companies.   I will continue to ensure that I share with everyone, what I believe to be the best products, helpful, and educational. As you can see, I love shopping and giving to others. Cheerful giver.  🙂 If you like shopping and being a blessing to others too–feel free to shop with me. Thank you for stopping by and God Bless You.  



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Amazing!! Baby items & a huge list of discounts.

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Fiverr has great deals and freelance professionals who could put ones ideas into action.  Checkout their vehicle wraps, packaging designs, emotes, and logos.

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Practice speaking any language on the go with a professional teacher and/or tutor with rates as low as $7.50/hr— $20/hr  Such a great deal.  Enhance your resume with new language skills.  Sign up today through and download the Skype app in order to connect with your teacher/tutor.  I love it and I practice speaking Spanish with my Babbel app and I converse with my tutor  in Spanish, three times a week.  Awesome!! 🙂 Staying immersed in a language is key to mastering and retaining it.  I plan on signing up for American Sign Language, too. My children are registered for tutoring in Chinese and Spanish—they love it! 📚🍎  💕

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