Sherica Heard Vélez, M.A.

Hello! My name is Sherica, and I am the creator of, where I get to share my love of the Gospel, different types of food; paintings, how to eBooks, and Coaching Services. On a more personal note:  I am a Queen, Wife, Mom, Daughter, Dog Owner, Sister; child of God, Investor, Great Cook, OU alumna, Life Coach, US Army Veteran (received an Honorable Discharge as a Combat Medic), Music Fan, and a Fun-Loving Supportive Friend.  Until next time!

Keep living your Blessed life,



Credentials & Education:

Professional Life Coaching Certificate from Transformation Academy

Professional Life Coaching Certificate from SixStar Coaching

Master of Arts in Human & Health Services Administration from the University of Oklahoma 2013 to 2015 🎓

Master of Social Work  from Walden University (in progress) concentration in Military Social Work 2019 to present

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