Hello! My name is Sherica, and I am the creator of Queenofmyblessedhome.com, where I get to share my love of the Gospel, different types of food, how to eBooks, Christian Blog Articles, Life, Business, & Career Coaching Services. On a more personal note:  I am a Queen, Mom, child of God, Daughter, Sister, Dog Mom, and a Fun-Loving Supportive Friend.  

My background and professional titles are:  Christian Life, Business, & Career Coach, Bible Teacher, Mentor, Investor, Great Cook, OU alumna, Resume Writer, Graphic Designer, Website Coder, and US Army Veteran (received an Honorable Discharge as a Combat Medic).

My Hobbies:  Knitting ?, Painting ??‍?, Cross Fit ??‍♀️, Shopping ?, Reading ?, Watching movies ?, and Pinning on Pinterest ?.

And, I enjoy Listening to Praise Music ? —old school Rhythm & Blues—and upbeat instrumental tunes. That’s  pretty much it—I am living my Blessed life. 



Master of Arts in Human & Health Services Administration from the University of Oklahoma 2013 to 2015 ?

For all questions related to: career coaching, resume writing services, and collaborations—-please contact me on LinkedIn

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