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Ways To Do Bible Journaling

Meditating on the Word of God is mostly prepared by God. Blessed is the man who meditates on the Word of God day and night. Bible Journaling is considered as the most exciting way for engaging or meditating the Scripture. Of course, it is the most amazing way of spending your time with God. Bible Journaling is one of the best ways to seek the Lord and know his decision in your life. Bible Journaling would transform your life and your behavior in the real world.

Living a God-fearing life is a blessing from God, and you can see many changes in your daily life when you put God first and meditate on his Word. In fact, the bible journaling is also the best way for meditating on the scripture with affirming the faith in a unique way. Now is the way for combining your love with Jesus with the creativity with letting the Holy Spirit inspire you in daily life. Meditating on the Word of God reflects the verse that you read, and it is an act of worship in a unique way. Bible Journaling is helpful for you to capture the Word of God with the illustrations and pictures.

What Is Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling is the creative ways for documenting the personal study in the Bible. Everyone is called to study and meditate on His Word. Journaling your Bible is a way for recording the journey with building a strong relationship with God. With the use of journaling Bible, it is helpful for you to bond with Him ultimately in a new way. This technique would improve your talent and be blessed for glorifying God. With the help of this Bible study technique, it is helpful for you to memorize as well as reflect the Scripture in the most meaning full aspects. Know more about the Lord and his concern for your life with deeply studying about the Word of God.

Brightly colored journaling mainly complete inspiring and gorgeous artwork features the Bible verses, heartfelt words of praise, and encouraging sentiments.  It would especially reflect the joyful reading on the Bible journaling in your life.

How To Start Bible Journaling?

To start the Bible Journaling, Pray to God Almighty. You need to ask for the direction of God and to listen to his response. It is important to ask God about the appropriate way of exploring faith. You will know the time is right only when God answers your Prayer. Most people do not know how to bible journal. The answer is quite simple as there are no rules in the Bible journaling. You do not need to be an artist for creating the scrapbooking materials, stickers, stamps, or any resources for combining the art with faith. Bible Journaling is your personal choice, and it is the finest opportunity for growing closer to God.

  • Set a quiet time for private reflection
  • You could host Bible journaling night with your friends as a group
  • Choose the best place to find your inspiration for personal study, Prayer, and meditating on God and His Word.
  • Select your favorite verses
  • Choose that verse for research
  • Work your way through
  • Find inspiration in devotionals worship music
  • Share your faith with others

What Supplies Required For Bible Journaling?

Inspiration for the bible journal ideas comes from the heart. You can buy a journaling Bible, regular notebook, Praise Book, pen or a journal. With these, you could instantly use the time on meditating on the Word. You could also choose the specific journaling Bible which is filled with the lined space or blank space along the margins for making the appropriate notes. It would be easier to illustrate the faith that mainly includes more aspects of writing notes or artwork. Before you begin, it is important to have a list of items that are mainly helpful for Bible journaling. Below is the list of things you can consider

  • Journaling Bible
  • Stickers
  • Pens
  • Colored Pencils
  • Watercolor Kit
  • Extra Paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Highlighters
  • Paper Towels

With having the necessary tools, you may feel more comfortable for doing the task for meditating on the Word of God. Hand lettering is used for creating hand-made cards, beautiful bible journals, wall prints, and many more.

Use Of Washi Tape:

One of the most fantastic bible journal ideas for making your mediating much more valuable is the Use of washi tape. Now, you can use a colorful and straightforward technique in the journal for quickly getting quite inspirational aspects. Washi tapes are available in multiple colors and Black & White Washi Tapes so you can choose them base on your requirements. It is one of the most efficient, easy, and affordable option for your journal.

Micro Bible Journaling:

When you are journaling and doesn’t like to invest more money in the process, then you could choose the Micro Bible Journaling technique. You can easily use the margins in the journaling Bible for drawing, paint, and many others. It is easier to make everything in a smaller space, so it is called as the micro journaling. It could be the daunting task for capturing the smaller scale. You could easily make neat designs, wordings, colorful themes, and many others in this Micro Bible Journaling. When you find interesting quotes in the Bible, then you could use the Micro Bible Journaling to show inspiring words. 

Pick Out Words In The Scripture:

When you like to highlight the important bible verse in the Bible, then you can pick out the words in the Scripture which stand out. For example, “Lord,” “trust,” “heart,” and many more acts as the keywords for you to get the Bible Verse while reading the scripture. It is helpful to visualize these words while reading so that you can easily make strong lettering.

Drawing With A Pencil:

You could sketch the drawing with a pencil so you can get the new inspiring words. You can also easily use a pen as an alternative when you are comfortable doing it. You can also draw designs with your pen, pencil, crayons, colored pencils or Watercolor.

By Bhuvnesh Uniyal

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