Episode 2: Speaking Things Into Existence Part II

Two U.S. Army Veterans share their faith & love story in a two part episode.  As they discuss the plans God had in store for their lives, be sure to write down and highlight these scriptures in your bible:  Mark 11:24, Psalm 37:4, Philippians 2:12-13 NLT, Proverbs 18:22, and Jeremiah 29:11  God’s plan really manifested into their lives and those scriptures were displayed throughout their journey.

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RICHARD:  Whats going on everybody? 

SHERICA:  Hello Everyone. 

RICHARD:  we are back to continue talking about speaking things into existence and to share our story.  We left off talking about basic training and Advanced Individual Training also known as AIT. 

SHERICA:  yes, we are back to share our story. Rick do you remember how we had to find out if we got our assignment through the pay phone at AIT? 

RICHARD:  yes 1-800-FYI-EPMD I’ll never forget that number.

SHERICA:  You know what—we didn’t even get that number from our drill sergeants.

RICHARD:  we didn’t either. We heard it from the hold overs. Just in case someone is wondering what a holdover is: The hold overs were the soldiers who didn’t graduate ait because they failed a test, or a pt test or didn’t get their security clearance or just got in trouble. They weren’t a trainee and had more freedom but they lived in the day room in our bays.  Every cycle had them. And every soldier in the United States Army knows what a holdover is and didn’t want to be one. 

SHERICA:  you’re right I didn’t want to be a holdover either. I remember feeling bad for them. Everybody at my AIT were handing out  the phone number too. It originally came from our platoon sergeant.  I remember the first three times I called that number—I didn’t have an assignment. Then one day I called the number again like 5 hours before formation was held.  And it was the same day our drill sergeants where going to give us our official assignment orders. I finally got the recording on the payphone saying that I was assigned to Fort Polk, LA. I took a deep breath and tears started pouring down my face. 


SHERICA:  I couldn’t believe that I was not going on the east coast 

RICHARD: dreams shattered.

SHERICA: yes they were, babe. Ha! Ha!  I had signed up for anywhere on the east coast.

RICHARD:  you got the east side of Louisiana.  Ha! 

SHERICA:  you right! I did. I kept thinking I didn’t know anybody from fort Polk and I didn’t plan for this.  Thankfully I got my crying out of the way before I got my official military assignment from my drill Sergeant.

RICHARD:  I called that number that tells you your duty assignment everyday but didn’t find out where I was going until three days before I graduated AIT when my drill SGT handed me orders that said Fort Polk . I never heard of Fort Polk before I got my orders. My battle Wilson also got Polk so I was glad for that. I thought that I was going to be close to New Orleans.  How wrong I was. I wasn’t ready. 

It was so bad that my hardest drill SGT called me into his office and apologized for my assignment. He said no one ever wants to get stationed there. He took off his round brown which is the drill sergeant hat put a hand on my shoulder and said “ hang in there brother, don’t judge the army off your first assignment “. Talk about being shook. Lol

SHERICA: ha! Ha!, I got to go home right after training for two weeks for hometown recruiting because I signed up for this before I went to basic training.  I went back home to Virginia and I got to spend time with my Mom & Dad where they gave me words of encouragement about my assignment and everything I accomplished so far. I also worked at the same army recruiting office where I enlisted into the army. I had to call people from the roledex and ask them if they wanted to join the army and I called some of my old classmates to see how they were doing and asked them if they wanted to join the army. 

RICHARD:  ha! Ha! Man if I would have known about that.  I would have went home instead I went straight to Fort Polk.  I didn’t even know about hometown recruiting until the end of ait. I wish I would have known because I would have definitely signed up. 

SHERICA:  ha! my recruiter told me about it and I made sure I signed up for it. Thank God.  Well my two week vacation came to a quick end. I’m enroute to Fort Polk in my Class A’s 

RICHARD:  ha! Ha.

SHERICA:  I didn’t get the memo that I could wear civilian clothes and I was high speed on official travel. Ha! Ha! So since I decided to save money and arrive to my duty station by greyhound  Ha! I had time to learn all the words to the  popular songs back then. Whew! That was a lonnnng ride.  I arrived to Fort Polk and I signed in at the reception center.  Soon after that I  got oriented to my unit and I got my barracks assignment.  I met my My barracks roommate and She went to basic training and AIT with me.  we both were happy to see each other again.

RICHARD: I flew in a little crop duster plane from Lawton Oklahoma to Alexandria Louisiana. From there I took a greyhound to Fort Polk.  It was night and i thought I  was in the bayou for real. Me and Wilson were the only people on the bus.  when I got to Polk I went straight to the reception there. I was with Wilson because neither of us did hometown recruiting.  We got put in a bay at the reception center and told to report to the main building in the morning after we were given some linen for our bunks. When we were done with in processing our sponsors came and got us and took us to our section chiefs who brought us to our platoon SGT’s and our first SGT’s. The unit was so different from what I expected. My 1SG had everyone in the Btry shook and when my platoon SGT introduced me to him he just asked me if I was a dud. 

SHERICA:  ha! Ha!

RICHARD: I said no and he said you better not be we ain’t got no time for duds. Being field artillery his words were a bit more colorful. After that meeting I was put in a barracks room by myself and the senior SPC of the building came and brought me to the bbq that my unit was having. I was instantly made family. 

SHERICA: awe that’s so nice. After about a week of  adjusting to the army life and decorating my barracks room area. I finally had free time were I was able to hangout with my barracks roommate  and another coworker from my unit.  Everyone decided we were going to get ready for the Physical Training test and go run on the track. As I stepped outside my barracks room I noticed a group of people outside and this guy who kept on looking in my direction. I said to my coworkers that I think I know that guy and he’s from VA and she said no he’s from Florida. I shrugged it off and said he looks familiar. She insisted that he was not from VA and we all walked over to the track. 

Before we got on the track the same guy from the barracks area introduces himself to me—yes it was Richard. He introduced himself to me and I introduced myself to him.  and my colleagues were waving at me and calling for me to join them on the track.

RICHARD: yeah me and my homeboys were getting ready to hit the track when I saw you standing there and You were the center of my world. I was talking my way out of going running and instantly changed my mind when I saw you heading towards the track. I caught up to you and introduced myself and you did the same. Your friends were calling you and you went on your run. I waited for my homeboys but kept you in sight the whole time. After that every time I saw you in passing I would find a reason to talk to you all the way up until you deployed to Bosnia. I couldn’t wait for you to get back because I wanted you in my life.   y’all I didn’t know that a man was suppose to find his wife like in Proverbs 18:22 I was used to females approaching me. When Sherica  finally got back to Fort Polk I remember seeing her walking up to her barracks. I ran over to her reintroduced myself and asked for her phone number and if she would come to the barracks bbq with me the next day.  She said yes and told me her number and I told her I didn’t need to write it down. we said our goodbyes and I ran to my barracks room to write down her phone number. Y’all I’m bad with remembering phone numbers but I remembered hers and wrote it down as I got in my room. 

SHERICA:  I had no idea that you liked me like that. Ha! It’s funny to me because I remember seeing him a lot before I left for Bosnia and he would speak to me in passing and he  was  such a gentleman. 

RICHARD:  thanks Babe. getting Back to the BBQ The next day you came to the bbq with me and we have been together every since.  I kept telling Sherica I was going to marry her throughout the time we were dating.  She would just smile at me. 

SHERICA:  and you proposed to me after we were together for six months and it was on valentines day. It was so nice I remember he had flowers and they were red roses. He also had brought balloons to my barracks room. It was so beautiful. We went out to eat that night as usual. 

RICHARD:  and at the end of the day,  i got down on one knee and asked you to marry me. I was nervous because I didn’t know if you were going to say—yes! and she said yes. Praise God. 

SHERICA:  yes I did. So Fort Polk wasn’t bad at all because we had each other and we were together all the time. 

RICHARD:  yes we were. So I know y’all want to know— when we finally realized that we had met each other before. It was after three months of us being engaged, I think it was three months. we were talking about jobs we had in high school. 

SHERICA: yesss it was three months, babe.

RICHARD:  yeah, we were chilling and talking about jobs we had during our high school days. I talked about working at Burger King and Popeyes and she mentioned working at Hardee’s and McDonalds. And I was shocked because it hit me that I saw you before and I said wait you worked at Hardee’s.  I said I  remember you at Hardee’s. 

SHERICA:  and I got all excited. I was so hype. I was like—no way —you were the guy in the car with your Mom. Ha! I can’t believe this. I knew I’ve seen you before. It was amazing and I was like, wow!!  we are meant to be. I knew that God had made all of this happen for us. 

RICHARD:  yes He did. we had a military style wedding and I made sure my unit supplied the sabers as we walked out of the Dragoon Chapel at Fort Polk, LA.

SHERICA:  yes, you did and your battles wrote on our car too. Ha! Ha! Just married. It was awesome. Both of our units were there too. It was amazing! God gives us the desires of our heart and that’s in Psalm chapter 37 verse 4 and He also puts desires in our hearts and that’s in Philippians chapter 2 verse 12 wow!! This story still gives me chills to this day. It’s all about having Faith In God. And knowing God has a plan for your life. I love when the Lord said, For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future in Jeremiah 29:11.  God is Good!! 

RICHARD:  and twenty years later we are still here and God keeps right on Blessing us. Praise God! 

SHERICA:  Amen. Lord we thank you.  Before we close out our podcast, I would like to encourage someone to Have Faith in God and believe His Word. He will give you all that your heart desires and put desires in your heart, too.  Just trust Him.

RICHARD:  Amen.  and be sure to join us in the group.  The Lord has richly blessed us and we like to be a blessing to others. Also we had announced in the group that we were doing a giveaway for $100 as a celebration for reaching over 100 group members well we have surpassed that now —thanks to Kingsley who is the winner. We will be doing another $100 giveaway when we reach 500 group members and make the announcement in Episode 3.

SHERICA:  Amazing!! I’m so excited about the giveaways and having more people in the group.  Praise God. Please make sure y’all watch for the next $100 giveaway announcement that will be posted in the group when we reach 500 members. thank you for tuning in. Until next time. 

RICHARD & SHERICA:  keep living your blessed life. 

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