Episode 1: Speaking Things Into Existence Part I

In the beginning God spoke to the earth and said let there be light. How wonderful, right? God wants us to use our faith in Him to speak things into existence. How so?  In this podcast episode of Speaking Things Into Existence, two US Army Veterans, Richard and Sherica, explain how they have been successful in applying God’s Word to their own personal lives. Tune in to get the details that has helped them receive the plan God had in store for their lives.

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Richard: what’s going on everybody? Here is a little back ground on me: I am the priest and King of my home, a husband, and father.  But I didn’t start out knowing or understanding what the priest of my home meant. I didn’t always know my role as a priest of my home or what it was to live by faith. I thought attending church every once in a while, and praying sometimes was good enough. Ha. But my wife knew about faith—praise God. She really introduced me to living by faith, and it was because of her that I decided to go to Dave Roberson Family Prayer Center and became a born again Christian and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. You see a wife is your help mate, your Queen, best friend, and a gift from God which is why the Bible tells husbands to treat our wives as The Lord treated the Church in Ephesians 5:25. I’m telling you this because I didn’t know or have the slightest clue what it was to live by faith but I have learned. So check this out. today we want to talk about speaking things into existence. I know you are probably wondering what I’m talking about, right? Speaking what into existence? Don’t worry. I got ya. I’m talking about faith here. Speaking things into existence is knowing what you are saying and believing it. I know some people are like, I know what I’m saying, I said it right? Well let me put it this way, what we say will manifest in our lives. Our words have meaning and will effect us. Here, let me give you an example: if there is something that you desire with your Heart, pray about and believe that you will receive it while praying about it, in Jesus Name. And give Thanks for your prayer being answered. Amen. That’s it. So, how do I know what I am talking about, right? I mean, where did I get this from? I first learned about faith from my wife who was already much further along in her faith walk with trusting the Lord, and all of this is covered in Mark 11:24. and here let me give you another example: I used to always say to my wife that the weather changing gives me a migraine and because I said it and believed it—I would get that migraine. My wife would always tell me not to believe that because I could have what I say.  one day I decided to stop saying and believing that I would get migraines when the weather changes. And  I’ve been migraine free every since. 

Alright, check this out. Romans 4:17 states: God calls thing that are not as though they already exist. And in Mark 16:17 Jesus Christ states: Everyone who believes me will be able to do wounderful things…meaning by using the name of Jesus. Wow right? Isn’t that amazing? You see, faith in God is the key. It is just like Jesus Christ said in Matthew 21:22 (ESV) in the Bible. Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive it. 

SHERICA:  Amen.  We have to have Faith and Believe the Word of God. In Romans chapter 10 verse 17 it says No one can have faith without hearing the message about Christ. When you know—you know and when you believe all His promises in the Bible are “Yes” and that those promises are for us AND this is in 2 Corinthians chapter 1 versus 20.  After reading that scripture I definitely  BELIEVE THAT I WILL Recieve ALL THE PROMISES HE HAS GIVEN US AND THEY ARE ALL GOOD—because every good gift comes from the Lord. Amen. And just like Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 anyone could use this scripture with confidence and without doubt—“Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see” I mediate with this scripture and I believe His promises and His Word is true. and that’s how I apply that scripture to my life—along with the scripture Mark chapter 11 verse 24 CEV translation “Everything you ask for in prayer will be yours, if you only have faith.” When you know—you know. Ha! Another important key is to forgive others the book of Matthew chapter 18 verses 21-35 and Matthew chapter 6 verses 9-15 expresses the importance of forgiving others.  This scripture talks about forgiving others and if you don’t our Heavenly Father will not forgive us. and Brother Kenneth Copeland a wonderful faith teacher said “faith will not work in an unforgiving heart.” (and Richard and I are partners with Kenneth Copeland Ministries  & Bill Winston Ministries)  Okay I just wanted to say that and add that everything Richard and I discuss on this podcast and all future episodes  is just for informational purposes and we are sharing our own personal experiences and we do not expect others to emulate us. Feel free to study the Word and emulate Jesus. . Now back to an unforgiving heart—Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God and that’s in Matthew chapter 5 verse 8 and God’s Word is True. And the Word of God says God’s Word is Alive & Powerful in Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12.

RICHARD:  That’s right sweetheart. God’s Word is alive and true. Now someone might be wondering how this relates to us? Well, check this out. The Holy Spirit, who is the third member of the Godhead, inspired and guided every word written in the Bible. And knowing that we know everything that we say has meaning because the Bible says so.

SHERICA:  Amen! Just like in the Bible the Word says all who declare that Jesus is the Son of God have God living in them, and they live in God and this is in 1 John chapter 4 verse 15. That’s powerful and  as born again Christians we have that same power within us and Romans  chapter 8 verse 11 says that. YOU know we Welcome God to dwell within us when we become born again Christians. 

RICHARD:  Amen. God dwells within us. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1. Alright, when we look at creation in Genesis 1:1 God created the heavens and the earth, but the Holy Spirit did not start to do anything until God the Father spoke in Genesis 1:3. This brings us to speaking things into existence. 

SHERICA:  I know some of y’all might be wondering how Richard & I met and why is she mentioning this now, because it was our first time speaking things into existence—back in 1994 Richard and his Mom went to Hardee’s to get some food and this happened to be the first time we met for a brief moment and it was my first job and I was going into my junior year in High School. I remember Richard wasn’t clear on his order and I asked him if he could drive around to the window—he drove up with his Mom and I asked for clarification on his order and he wanted a chicken filet sandwich. Ha! Ha!. And in my mind I kept thinking this guy is so well spoken, fine & he’s such a gentleman. I was so impressed with his mannerisms.

RICHARD:  Yeah. I remember that day. My moms drove around the drive through and 

I saw the most beautiful woman in the world. In my mind I was thinking ” I want to talk to her, but how am I going to do that with my moms in the car? So I said my order again, you know, lowering  my voice, trying to sound smooth. Ha! Then I watched trying to be cool as she prepared my order. She handed us our order and we shared a look and I knew in my heart that I was going to meet her again when I came back to visit my Moms. My moms drove us back home and I had to get ready to leave to return to Germany, because I visited my moms in the summer but lived with my pops in Germany.

SHERICA:  and after they left I remember saying I am going to marry him and I said this out loud to myself. I couldn’t keep that to myself so I went over to my co worker and I  asked her if she saw the guy in the drive thru window with his Mom and she didn’t even see him. I kept going on about how nice he was and that I was going to marry him. We laughed about it but I just had a feeling in my heart & my mind was telling me he’s the one. I never had this happen to me before and I didn’t even know who he was. I was literally in love at first sight. I remember thinking I would see him again but I never did. I didn’t even know he was living in Germany. I just want to give a lovely shout out to our Moms & Dads because we both grew up in church. Right babe. 

RICHARD:  So true. As a kid we didn’t have a choice in the matter. Every Sunday we were in church. 

SHERICA:  Ha! Ha!  Amen. and they ensured that we went. We were both military kids.  The Bible says in Proverbs chapter 22 verse 6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  Lord we thank you. 

I mean we were young kids and we heard the Word but we didn’t  know how to fully live souled out for Christ as children and have a complete understanding of how to put the Word of God into action—like we do now. 

SHERICA:  well in this story it’s now two years later, Richard, left Germany during his junior year of high school and he went to live with his mother in Florida. Richard and I both graduated from high school in 1996.  The summer of 1996 we both joined the Army.  When I enlisted into the military, I chose to go to basic training during the fall because I wanted to spend more time with my family and friends before I left for the Army.

RICHARD:   I went straight into the military and was at Fort Sill,OKLAHOMA in July. Man that heat was serious. It was the first time I expirenced thriple digit heat. Ha! Ha! 

SHERICA:  Wow! I went in the fall. Thank God because I don’t really like the heat. Ha! Ha!. Here I am at Fort Leonard Wood, MO and the world is listening to the fugees and I’m singing Army cadence at Basic training. Then I went to Fort Sam Houston TX for advanced training school to become a medial specialist and I was singing cadence there too. Ha!

Meanwhile, Richard were you at Fort Sill, Oklahoma or where you already at Fort Polk when I was at  AIT? 

RICHARD:  Oh, I was still at fort sill for both my basic and ait. Or was I at Polk at that time? No. I was at Sill then. I remember because at Christmas we were allowed to go home for a week and then we had to go back. Ha! The drill SGT’s put us back to phase three so we could remember that we were back in the Army. Ha. We enjoyed that little bit of freedom. just Glad that is over with. It was hard but thinking back it was fun too. But I wouldn’t do it again ha!

SHERICA:  ha! I wouldn’t do basic training again either especially at our age now. It’s definitely for people coming straight out of high school. wait I just thought about this did you leave the barracks on Sunday—during basic training. well I mean sign up to go to church on our only day off which was on Sundays.

RICHARD:  Yes. Just to get way from our drill sergeants. if we stayed we went to the beach. But it wasn’t a real beach it was a sand pit. Where we got smoked. Which was a whole lot of exercises in July heat. 


SHERICA:  Wow!! Yes, it did feel like a fun and safe get away. Whew!! that was pure joy & peaceful. Me and my battle buddies were sending them prayers up throughout basic training. Ha. Fun times.

RICHARD:  Ha! I know right. I sent prayers up too. Man basic training was something serious. 

SHERICA:  ha! Babe I think we should play the music again. ha! Ha! It’s nice, Right! and the song is Amazing!!  God is Wonderful. He has always been with us and He ensures that we are taken care of. 

RICHARD:  that’s right God will never leave us nor forsake us. He supplies our every need. 

SHERICA:  Amen. Lord we thank you.  I feel like this is a long story and maybe we should continue this, in the next episode. Babe what do you think we should do? 

RICHARD:   I am with you  sweetheart. It’s a good story and we should make this a 2 part episode. 

SHERICA:  I agree with you Babe. if you all  would like for us to continue telling our story about how we met and when we finally saw each other again.  Please let us know in the comments sections on our website and within our Facebook group. 

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RICHARD:  we are going close here and continue to speak things into existence. 

SHERICA:  by Faith in Jesus Name. Amen. thank you for tuning in! Until next time

RICHARD & SHERICA: keep living your Blessed life.

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